CP ‘Cider White’ Grave

The name “Cider White” was the name of a CP that just after the liberation of the city of Grave was set up under the town hall. This command post was led by Major Wellens of the 82nd 504 PIR.

CP Cider White
OMG2019’s 2nd camp  “CP Cider White” is located in Grave, intended as a basis for re-enactors that portray the 82nd AB, of course with everything that goes with it. CP Cider White also offers the same facilities as the base camp in Veghel. At the camp, we want to show the history of the entire 2nd World War. That means that there will be 4 parts to see.

  • Mobilization
  • Occupation
  • Resistance
  • Liberation

Each subcamp contributes to the educational program that is also supported here. The support consists of a curriculum, support in schools with rolling stock (at a reasonable fee), support on the camp through displays.In contrast to OMG2014, the educational program is now also being rolled out and supported by Grave. Local support for activities can also be provided from CP Cider White.

It is not the intention that re-enactors stay at the camp all day, but also go out, for example at the request of municipalities or other organizations. Requests for support from CP Cider White can be directed to gkm@graafsmuseum.nl.