FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we try to answer a number of frequently asked questions.

Meal vouchers for Saturday 14 September

The meal vouchers for Saturday 14 September will be sold on our start-camp in Leopoldsburg.

I don’t have a vehicle, can I ride along with someone?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with this, the vehicles are all privately owned and we cannot mediate in ride sharing.

How do I get back to the starting point to pick up my trailer / truck?

We are organizing a minibus that will take you back to the starting point., more information on this will follow later.

What happens if my vehicle encounters problems during the ride?

The ANWB drives along with us and will try to get you back on the road immediately. If this does not work, there is also a tow truck.

When registering I opted for the free “Vehicle WO2 route North” or
“Vehicle WW2 route South” option. So I can participate for free!

Unfortunately, these options are only there to indicate in which routes you will participate. There are costs associated with participating in OMG2019, you can only participate if you have paid it. If you are a smart guy who thinks that you can still participate for free this way, then you will be ultimately unlucky and are denied access.

Can German vehicles also ride in the routes?

It is not possible to drive a German vehicle in the routes, but these vehicles can be parked at the base camp.

Is there electricity at the Basecamp for the benefit of participants?

There are no power points at the Basecamp. If electricity is needed for medical reasons, we can provide it. But that must be indicated in advance.
Charging points for mobile phones are available.
Aggregates are allowed as long as it does not bother the rest of the participants. The installation must be safe and switched off at night.

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