First copy of Route Magazine presented to Mayor

This morning the first copy of the Operation Market Garden 2019 route magazine was presented to the mayor of Meierijstad.

Prior to this festive moment there was a briefing with the press in which we talked about the plans for the event. Then we went outside where an original Dodge WC 51 was parked. The children of one of the volunteers then handed over the first route book to Burgemeester de Rooij.

All participants of OMG2019 will receive this route book which contains more than just the practical information about the event. There is also a lot of attention for the history of Operation Market Garden. A large number of important places that we will drive past during the routes have been described, so that not only is a nice keepsake but also a reference work.

Copies of the route magazine are also for sale on our Basecamp.

With this we have reached another milestone, the event is really about to start!

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