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In the coming period you can meet OMG2019 at many events. This rare British Bedford QLD is just one of the many original vehicles that will participate in both routes. You can meet us at our display at e.g. militaria fairs of Wheels and KTR as well as in Ciney(B) and at the British War & Peace Revival. Also at “Lest We Forget” week in Venray and many more events. If you have a question about OMG2019 please come to visit us.

20 june 2018     Volunteers information evening
1 January 2018 Start registration for participants
1 January 2018 Start digital ticket sales for visitors

Operation Market Garden 2019
75 year commemoration
14 – 22 september 2019

The organisation.

In 2019 it is 75 years ago that the Allied armies started liberating the Netherlands. This operation, planned by Bernard Montgomery, was called Operation Market Garden. In a world where tensions  can increase rapidly, freedom is precious. This is made very clear time after time.

In 1994 Operation Market Garden was commemorated on a large scale for the first time  with a tour over the same route as in 1944. In 2012 Platform Market Garden foundation got the idea to organize this tour one more time in 2014.
From this platform, Operation Market Garden 2014 foundation ( OMG2014 ) was founded. On the 23rd of February 2017 the decision was made to rename the foundation to Operation Market Garden, without the year notification to make it universal.

Because of the success in OMG2014, we were asked to do this once more for the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. This is how OMG2019 was born!


14 September Photo’s of the press presentation  in Valkenswaard
15 November OMG2019 Volunteers meeting in Veghel

Basecamp in Veghel

On saturday September 14th the participants will arrive at the basecamp in Veghel for the more static part of the OMG2019 event, here you can have a close look at the vehicles over the week.

In addition, here will be explained in an educational way on the basis of displays how things went about in the war in your own environment and how our liberators lived and worked in 1944.

Not only soldiers life in frontline area will be diplayed here.
To make combat possible you need a number of disciplines behind the lines, we will concentrate on these subjects. Think of logistics, fueldepot, mobile workshops, engineers, fieldkitchen, signals, fieldhospital etc.


Register for Operation Market Garden 2019

Hey You!

Do you want to participate in the biggest World War II event in the Netherlands in 2019? Do you want to drive in two incredible convoys with 600 vehicles? Join us from 14th – 22nd September 2019 for Operation Market Garden 2019!

Register now for Operation Market Garden 2019 and participate in the 75th anniversary of the largest combined airborne and ground forces operation of all times.

Crossing the bridge at Son, OMG 2014.

In 2014 more than 500,000 people came to watch our convoys and over 20,000 people visited our basecamp in Veghel. Because
of the 75th anniversary, we expect even more people in 2019!

We will kick off our event in Leopoldsburg where our start camp opens on September 12th. A two-night stay is included and you are invited to participate in the events in the village. On Saturday, September 14th we will drive in a massive convoy along Hell’s Highway to Veghel, using the same roads as the liberators in 1944.

Lunch stop in Eindhoven, OMG 2014

You can stay all week at our basecamp in Veghel, or our camp in Grave (82nd Airborne). At our two camps, there are plenty of activities, that all have to do with education, veterans, living history, and re-enactment. Thousands of school children from the nearby villages will visit our camp to learn about our liberators.

In the second weekend of our event, on Sunday, September 22nd we will drive in another massive convoy to the road bridge at Nijmegen, where tens of thousands of people will be waiting to welcome us.

Entering Nijmegen, OMG 2014. – Photo by Robert van Ginkel

For just €75 per person, you can attend both convoys and spend a total of 10 nights on our basecamps. For €50 per person, you can attend one of the convoys; staying at our basecamps is included. Kids born after 1-1-2005 are free of charge when they are with an adult participant.

When you register you will receive the following:

  • OMG 2019 full-color magazine (limited stock) for adult participants.
  • Two drink vouchers per adult participant per convoy.
  • Packed lunch during the convoys for paying participants.
  • OMG 2019 vehicle platefor the participating vehicles,
  • OMG2109 identification card for paying participants.
  • 25% discount on a number of war museums (valid until May 2020)
  • Three days on the basecamp in Leopoldsburg, with a big discount on the local festivities, for the South-Route.
  • Seven days stay at the basecamp in Veghel
  • Stay at the basecamp in Grave for 82nd Airborne participants
  • The most important thing, memories that will last a lifetime.
School children learn about history on our basecamp.

When registering you can order your meal and breakfast vouchers for basecamp in Veghel and CP Grave immediately or at a later date, this ensures we will have a meal for you. You can take your kids up to age 15 (in 2019) with you almost for free; we want to involve the next generation in the commemorations.

At the Leopoldsburg or Basecamp check-in desk, we will have your participants package ready for you on the day you arrive.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register on-site during the event.

Only pre-registered deactivated firearms with the correct permits can be brought to our event.

What are you waiting for? Register now!


A beautiful route, beautiful vehicles and lots of spectators. However, the party is not complete without your help! Do you like to help us by volunteering? We are always looking for people who can help us on the route or help people who like it on our Basecamp in Veghel. During the basecamp week in Veghel there will be provided for a drink and a little ‘what the pot abolishes’ but on the other hand it is voluntarily not free of obligation, and some of it is expected in a good harmony and atmosphere. So do you want to make this week an unforgettable success?

If you can not help us during the operation itself, but do you still want to contribute? Which can! In addition to people during this week, we are also looking for volunteers who want to help with building and dismantling the site, but also for maintaining our website and keeping track of our social media channels. So do you have an affinity with creating content and do you want to make Operation Market Garden a succes? Please contact us via this LINK Registration.