Only 4 months left to register!

Only four months left and our registration for participants is coming to an end! Yes indeed; If you still want to take part with your World War II vehicle, do not wait any longer and  register today!

After 30 June registration is no longer possible and you won’t be able to participate. That would be a shame because our beautiful base camp offers you a whole week of entertainment in a historically correct ambiance.

The opening hours for visitors will be from Sunday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00, and at the time of writing, many thousands of entrance tickets have been sold in pre-sale. This includes the arrival of more than 1,700 school children who come to see how a WWII camp, directly behind the front lines, looked like.

You have the chance to become part of this and to pass on your hobby to many interested visitors. You can decide on which days you want to be present and / or on which route (s) you want to ride in the convoys.

Your stay on the base camp is always included free of charge, and there are also cheaper participation rates for your kids.

We are counting on your arrival!

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