Over 250 vehicles registered!

At the time of writing over 250 vehicles and 580 participants have signed up for our event. With just 9 months to go we are well on our way of organizing an even bigger event than in 2014!

If you have not registered yet there still is time but do not wait to long because we are going to reach our limit! For more information, visit our Registration page.

At our event all Allied vehicles from World War II are allowed, not just those from the UK or USA. If you want to bring a German vehicle then you can only display it on our basecamp, it is not possible to participate in our convoys with it.

If you want to bring heavy equipment like tanks please contact us to discuss the details with regards to loading and unloading. For a limited number of participants with this equipment we can offer some compensation in the costs. Please contact us at info@omg2019.nl to discuss the details.

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