We offer the following sponsoring options in connection with the funding of the 75-year anniversary of the Operation Market Garden.

1. Banners

a Company logo / advertising banner of sponsor on main page website OMG 2019 (www.omg2019.nl) with link (hyperlink) to the website of the sponsor: € 600,00.

b Company logo on sponsor page of website OMG 2019 with hyperlink to sponsors website: € 400,00.

c Company name entry on sponsor page OMG 2019: € 200,00.

2. Basecamp

a Visible advertising (± 3X3m) on fixed or mobile set-up from 13 to 22 September 2019 at base camp Veghel for, as in 2014, approximately 25,000 visitors. To pay for this including costs of production of advertising material € 2.500,00.

b Market stall for business promotion at base camp Veghel (as part of the militaria market) from 15 to 21 September 2019: € 250,00.

3. Route-Magazine

a Mention as a sponsor in the OMG 2019 Route-Magazine for participants and visitors (circulation min. 5,000): € 350,00.

b Entry in this magazine with company logo in twincolor: € 500,00.

4. Pass-Partouts

a VIP pass-partouts for: free access base camp Veghel + free parking + plus discount on a visit to War museums up to and including May 2020 +3 refreshments + round trip in historic army vehicle: € 40,00

b The package described in (a) + guide in Veghel: € 45,00

c Het package under (a) and (b) + hot bite € 60,00.

5. Advertising vehicle

Advertising vehicle/car at the beginning or at the end of the column during route North or route South (expected number of spectators per route approx. 250,000, so approximately 500,000 in total): per route € 5.000,00.

6. Logo on Entreetickets

Company logo as exclusive visual advertisement on all entrance tickets and participant tickets for € 2.500,00.

7. Simultaneous purchase

With simultaneous purchase of 2 of the aforementioned sponsor options, a discount of 10% is granted and with a decrease of 3 packages 15%.

8. Premium sponsorship

There is also the possibility for up to 10 candidates to enter into a premium sponsorship, which leads to maximum exposure of the company logo / logo throughout the event and is manifestly different from a standard sponsorship by the exclusive (top) mention in full color as a premium sponsor with a larger logo / naming than the other sponsors.

Requirements are the simultaneous purchase of at least 2 advertising packages, for which a surcharge of 50% applies to the aforementioned rates.

9. Main sponsor

Furthermore, it is possible for 1 main sponsor to draw up a tailor-made package in consultation. The main sponsor enjoys many preferences.

Sponsorship is of course also possible in kind.

The performances and activities described above are exempt from VAT.

ABN AMRO BANK NV / IBAN NL94ABNA0595277489 / BIC ABNANL2A / KVK Den Bosch 56176554

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